Friday, March 25, 2011

Why I Read Tarot Cards

I started reading tarot cards back in 1991 because I was curious about what they were. My Aunt had read my cards and in true ADD spirit I wanted to be able to do it too. She gave me my first deck along with a book that accompanied the deck and I was off and learning. I enjoyed it so much that I have yet to put them down and have added several decks to my collection.

So there is a bit of history. The reason that I love reading tarot and energy for others is because each time I learn a little bit about myself while helping and validating what is going on for the other person. I have become so natural to this that I can just pick up the cards and go. I think this is because I trust that the cards that come up are exactly what the person needs to hear and is ready to hear.

The energy that I refer to is basically other sounds and sights that come to me as I am doing the card reading. Sometimes this sense is strong and sometimes the cards carry the reading alone. I know that what ever messages come through are what the person is looking for and ready for to move forward and become a happier, better person.

I look forward to reading the cards for you. I promise to let you know what is coming through for you. The tarot reading is meant to give you insight for what is coming and to guide you to a better path in life. This is an email reading so please supply your email or Facebook profile name with your payment. I will not use this info for anything other than the reading. 

"WOW....Frigging Wow Shelly Spot on
This is unreal girl....thank you so much" Gerry R.

  • "Omg. Perfect. Thank you Shelly! Thank you Universe! Totally on point Shelly and exactly what I'm experiencing now. You're awesome!
  • This was actually! Perfect. Your gifted."   Jennifer T.

    "You are so incredible! thank you , it is nice to see a positive future! This is right on." Chris C.

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